- Make sure all light fixture bulbs are good

- Remove all magnets and clutter off the refrigerator
- Turn on the lights and open the blinds/curtains for good light
- Remove all clutter off all the counter tops and bathrooms and store in one of the extra
bedrooms or garage. Only decorative items should be left
- Toilet lid should be down and the toilet paper roll should be full. Minimal towels also. Scales, plungers and bowl cleaners should be put away
- Laundry room should be free of clothes and cleaning supplies, brooms, mops, etc.
- Walls should not have too many items hanging on them such as family photos and art work
- Fireplace mantle should not be cluttered
- Windows should be clean
- Posters and such in kid’s rooms should be taken down
- Carpets may need cleaning, or spot cleaning
- Fresh flowers are nice
- Make the home look as roomy as possible. This may require storing some furniture items
- Pantry should be neat as well
- Sink should be free from dishes
- Setting up the table for guests can some times work out well (ask your agent)
- Excess pillows and throw blankets should be put away
- Very large walk in closets may be photographed so should be neat
- Keep all cleaning supplies out of sight
- Clean or replace shower curtain
- Remove cloth toilet lid covers and rugs around toilet
- Keep shelves free from too many books etc.
- Pack up personal collections (your moving anyway)
- Try to make all your rooms look as spacious and neat as possible


- Designate an area in garage or property to temporary store miscellaneous clutter such as pet toys, kids toys, adult hobbies, and landscaping tools
- Clean up yard, cut grass, trim bushes
- Move vehicles out of view for photos. Close garage door